Which faucet type is perfect for your bathroom?

“One size fits all”. This theory doesn’t stand true when it comes to choosing the perfect faucet for your bathroom. Usually, it depends upon your sink that which type of faucet will match and fit in with it. Whenever you plan to buy bathroom faucet make sure you measure the faucet centers and the distance from the wall to the faucet. There are different types of bathroom faucets to choose from. Given below are some of them-

  1. Single hole – Single hole faucets are perfect for small bathrooms and they are very easy to install. They are wall mounted and usually come with one handle.
  2. Center set – These faucets are perfect for large as well as small bathrooms. They are mounted to sinks, have two handles and come as all-in-one unit.
  3. Widespread– They are most popular type of faucets. These mount separately into faucet centers and come with two handles. They are perfect for modern bathrooms.
  4. Vessel-Vessel faucets are sleek, stylish and elegant. These types of faucets are tall and are perfect match for vessel sink. They typically have a lever handle.
  5. Floor standing-Floor standing faucets are gorgeous. They add a luxury and dramatic look to the bathroom.
  6. Wall mount– These types of faucets mount directly into the wall. Wall mount faucets are modern faucets that come with one as well two handles.

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Considerations when choosing a new faucet type

Faucets come in several styles, functions and finishes. With so many options available, buying a faucet that’s perfect for your bathroom can be a daunting task. There are three that you should consider when buying a faucet, and that is style, fit and function.

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  1. Style – Are you planning to remodel your bathroom or updating an old sink? If you are just updating the old sink, the style of the faucet would be somewhat that fits your existing setup so your options will be limited. But if you are redoing the complete bathroom, you have enormous options of faucets to choose from.
  2. Fit – Fit if faucet is extremely important, especially if you are just replacing the old sink. You can choose from single hole, center set, widespread or wall mounted sinks.
  3. Function – With the evolving technology, the faucets functions have improved drastically. Gone are the days of faucets with whistles and bells, today the hands-free designs that use sensor motions to work are in trend.

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Before choosing a faucet, consider your lifestyle and budget. If you are planning to buy something for your powder room, hands-free designs with decorative style can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you want something for kids’ bathroom, then a sturdier choice would be better.

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