The washbasin is a fundamental entity of your bathroom as it comes to use on daily purposes. Its area inside the bathroom is planned with the goal that it draws consideration as you enter, obtaining stylishly an overwhelming part.

Given its importance, both real and visual, you ought to deliberately pick the one that most interests you since it can be a genuine household item which alone represents the whole space, turning into the definite champion.

The washbasin is a key household item in each urinal, however you can make it your own by picking the one that speaks to you and that makes your bathroom terrain a slight creative portion.

We, at Bathline India, offers washbasins which are best suitable for all your necessities. In the end, your tastes and the accessible space will choose the last verdict. Here are the models we offer that distinguish your bathroom for luxury and sophistication:

  • Counter Top
  • Free Standing
  • Wall Hung
  • Semi-Recessed




The washbasin is available in different shapes, round or squared, which you can characterise as the correct blend of plan and solace; simple to introduce and with awesome utilise adaptability. It offers one of a kind plan flexibility, with probability of structure that can truly make your restroom furniture a novel piece.



The wall-hung washbasin can be defined as the outcome of linear innovation occurred in bathroom furnishing, while preserving functionality and ease. The wall-hung washbasin is fitted straight on the wall and leaves a huge space around to be personalised with other supplements and fittings.



The semi-recessed washbasin is fixed directly on the top of the vanity, entirely or partly. It embodies the perfect balance between a classical and contemporary style.



The freestanding washbasins stand like segments that saves your floor from drain and thus add benefit to your bathroom convenience. They come in simple and basic structures guaranteeing a tasteful touch without equivalent to the bathroom. They totally make good use of the space, ascending from the floor as a genuine model. The excellence of these components lies in their shape, making situations chic and moderate.


Subsequent to choosing the most appropriate sort, you can change to the material assessment. In some cases sort and material are precisely associated exactly in light of the fact that some sink sorts are just achievable with the utilisation of particular materials.

The decision of material is associated with the style that you need to embrace in the urinal territory and to the kind of highlights that are looked for in the item. The washbasins are made of a variety of material. You can go to products gallery and see the best customised washbasins for your bathroom. We would just say pick the right one for your bathroom today!